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In order to play college sports at the Division 1 and 2 levels, student athletes must have an account and register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Once an account has been created, student athletes will have their transcripts evaluated by the NCAA and may take official visits to colleges after taking either the SAT or ACT in their Junior or Senior year of High School. Creating the account is the first step to becoming an NCAA Student Athlete. Create an Account here

The Eligibility Center will need official scores on either the SAT or the ACT, depending on what test(s) the student has taken. Send official scores directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center by logging into your College Board Account or ACT Student Account and selecting code 9999 to send your scores.

Division I

Division I schools, on average, enroll the most students, manage the largest athletics budgets, offer a wide array of
academic programs and provide the most athletics scholarships.

Division II

Division II provides growth opportunities through academic achievement, high-level athletics competition and community engagement. Many participants are first-generation college students.

Div I or II Eligibility

While both Division I and Division II eligibility require 16 core courses and graduation from high school, they have different requirements of grade point average and test scores on their respective sliding scales. Please refer to the NCAA Quick Reference Guide for details.

Ascending Higher Core Course Worksheet

Once your NCAA Student Athlete has narrowed down schools of interest, Ascending Higher Counselors will provide a personalized NCAA Core Course Worksheet breaking down individual courses and Core Course GPA standing.

More Information

The Division III experience provides an integrated environment that focuses on academic success while offering competitive athletics and meaningful nonathletics opportunities.


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