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QUESTION: What is the first step to becoming an NCAA Student Athlete? ANSWER: You must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and follow the steps to complete “Initial Eligibility”

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From Concerned Parents


QUESTION: Michelle, My daughter is very anxious whenever she has to take a test.  She will become physically sick and not want to attend school on days when she is going to have test.  Can you help us with problem? Loving mom ANSWER: Loving mom, Ascending Higher can definitely help with this issue.  Ascending Higher provides educational and academic life coaching to assist students with test anxiety and other challenges.  You can schedule an initial consultation on our scheduling page and we can discuss this further in a more private setting. Michelle QUESTION: Michelle, My children are addicted to their cell phones and their grades are dropping because they are distracted by it. One is the 8th grade and the other is a 10th grader. If this continues, I am afraid that they will not obtain the necessary GPA to be competitive college applicants. Concerned parent ANSWER: Concerned parent, You are not alone.  There are numerous parents dealing with this challenge and they have similar concerns.  Ascending Higher's educational and life coaching can guide you and your family though this challenge and assist with getting your students back on track academically.  Please schedule an initial consultation on our scheduling page and we can discuss what Ascending Higher can do to help you with this situation. Michelle

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